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Saint Thomas Aquinas Seminary

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Traditional Catholic (Tridentine Latin) Mass

1051 - 72 Street North, St. Petersburg, Florida  USA 
Telephone/Fax: 727+343-9111

The Most Reverend John J. Humphreys, Rector

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    All Masses according to the (Tridentine) Rite of Pope Saint Pius V.
    Masses Mondays and Thursdays at 9:00 a.m., except holy days.  Holy day Masses will be at Our Lady of 
Good Hope
instead of the Seminary

    DIRECTIONS: I-275 to Alternate 19; Alternate 19 West to 66th St. North; 66th Street North to 9th Avenue North;  9th Avenue North to 72nd Street North;  make a right turn onto 72nd Street North; 100 yards, Seminary on the right..

1051 - 72 Street North,
St. Petersburg, Florida  USA

   The Saint Thomas Aquinas Seminary is housed in a property acquired by the See of Cr-Glow in early 1998. The building, a former assisted care living facility, serves as a training center for future priests, a retreat house, and a meeting place for organizations and the clergy.

    The Seminary is named for the Dominican friar, Saint Thomas Aquinas, proclaimed by the saintly Pope Leo XIII as the patron of all Catholic education. The Scholastic philosophy of Saint Thomas is the "bedrock" of traditional Catholic scholarship. The use of Saint Thomas' name is auspicious, in that most of what passes for Modernist scholarship is based on the false philosophy of Existentialism -- a philosophy wholly at odds with that of our patron.

    The Seminary was dedicated on May 16th, 1998: Dedication and the Sermon given at Pontifical Mass   Mass of Dedication  

    VOCATIONS: The primary reason for the Seminary's existence is to train men for the Priesthood -- to form them into "other Christs." If you feel that you have a vocation -- a disposition to live a holy life and a calling to do our Lord's work -- contact the Vocation Director, at the Seminary address. (If you are not sure, you are in good company, so contact us anyway.)

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Consecration of the Thomas Aquinas Seminary Altar
Consecration of the Seminary Chapel Altar

St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary - First Retreat AD 2000
First Retreat - AD 2000

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