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Our Lady of Good Hope
Old Roman Catholic Church

Traditional Catholic (Tridentine) Mass

5501 62nd Avenue North, Pinellas Park, Florida  USA    33565
Telephone 727+541-1907

The Most Reverend John J. Humphreys, Pastor

[Contact the Archbishop]

The Reverend Glen A. Miniak, Assistant

Clearwater—Largo—Seminole—Kenneth City—PINELLAS PARK—Saint Petersburg—Safety Harbor—Madiera Beach


    Sunday: Tridentine Mass in English at 9:00 AM.
    Sunday: Tridentine Mass in Latin at 10:30 AM,
    Wednesday: Perpetual Help Novena at 3:00 PM.
    Tuesday and Saturday at 9:00 AM
    First and Third Fridays at 2:00 PM.  Other Fridays at 9:00 AM.  Saint Peregrine novena (for cancer sufferers) on the third Friday after Mass
    Other weekdays: Published in the Sunday bulletin (The priests of Our Lady of Good Hope also serve the
        Saint Thomas Aquinas Seminary chapel at 1051 - 72 Street North, St. Petersburg)
    Confessions before all Masses.
    All Masses according to the (Tridentine) Rite of Pope Saint Pius V.


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Pinellas Park, FL 33781-5524

  If you (or someone for whom you are responsible) become seriously ill, please call to receive the appropriate Sacraments. 


Curriculum/Course Guide

Note: Many, if not most, of the youth attending OLGH, are enrolled in “home-schooling.” It behooves us, then, to provide whatever religious/academic instruction for these students that will enhance their education.  Moreover, in making these courses available, we attempt to provide adults with opportunities to further their personal interests.  All courses are provided on an individual (couples) basis, and, in so far as possible, at a time suitable to the student.  These courses are provided in a manner that will enable the student to move at his own pace.  There is no charge for any of these courses, but every student is expected to work in each course as though he were paying tuition.

Preparation for Infant/Youth Baptism (up to age 14)

Preparation for Adult Baptism (age 14 and above)

Religious Instruction (normally leading to, but not necessarily converting to, the Catholic Faith)

Preparation for First Reception of Confession (sometimes called “Reconciliation”)

Preparation of First Holy Communion (children to age 14)

Preparation for First Adult Holy Communion (above age 14)

Preparation for Confirmation (youth to age 16)

Preparation for Confirmation for Adults (above age 16)

Pre-Cana Instruction for Persons Preparing for Holy Matrimony: (This church recognizes Sacred Matrimony between only a male and a female.  We do not recognize same sex marriage under any circumstances; nor do we recognize “transgendered” persons whom the State may recognize as having “changed” their gender; it is our belief that gender is determined by God at the time of each person’s birth; no mutilation or alteration of any kind can change what God has determined for each of His children.  (Not less than 6 months in advance is required for preparing for marriage.)

Youth Counseling

Adult Counseling (including couples)

Bible Study – Old Testament

Bible Study – New Testament

Bible Study Old/New Testament

Sacristan’s Preparation

Care of Church Metal Wares

Care of Votive Lights and Altar Candles

Altar Adornment

Care and Laying out of Vestments

Fundamentals of Ecclesiastical Latin (Classical Latin is not available)

Advanced Latin Studies, including composition

French Fundamentals

Advanced French

Classical Greek

Basic Spanish

Note: Courses for seminary applicants and students are posted at the seminary.  (Only males have the opportunity to study for the priesthood in this Church,)

To enroll in any of these studies, please make an appointment with one of the priests or with Mrs. Kay Ritchey, the Director of Education.


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