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What is the See of Cr-Glow?

    Upon election, the Archbishop/Primate (chief bishop) of the Old Roman Catholic Church receives title to the See of Cr-Glow.  

    The election to the Primacy is a personal honor conveyed by one's fellow priests and bishops. The Primacy may be filled by the election of a priest or bishop of any locale. Upon election the Archbishop/Primate succeeds to the See of Cr-Glow in historic and canonical continuity. He is the possessor of that See for the remainder of his life or until otherwise removed, as provided within this Constitution....  the Archbishop himself is free to retain his residence in whatever locale suits his convenience.[1]

    Cr-Glow is the Welsh place-name for the city known in modern English as Gloucester.  Today it is a city within the Southwestern English county of Gloucestershire, close to the border with Wales, on the Severn River.   In Welsh cr means castle, and "glow" is a corruption of the name of the original Roman settlement, Glevensium, or Glevum, which was shortened to Glev and pronounced Glaiw.  The castle cr became a fort ceaster, hence Gloucester.[2]

    The adoption of the See of Cr-Glow by the archbishops-primate is said to date back to the pontificate of the second primate, Archbishop Bernard Mary Williams, who spent many years of his life near Gloucester on ancestral property in the Cotswolds.[3]

    Title to the See is currently held by the fifth Archbishop/Primate, the Most Reverend John J. Humphreys, who was consecrated to the episcopate by the Most Reverend Gerard, G. Shelley, the third Archbishop/Primate on 20 May 1975.[4] Archbishop Humphreys was elected in 1984.



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