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Old Roman Catholic Beliefs

    We accept without any exception whatever all the Articles of the Holy Catholic Faith. We will never hold nor teach, now nor afterwards, any other opinion than those that heave been decreed, determined, and published by our Mother, Holy Church.... We reject and condemn everything opposed to them, especially all heresies, without any exception, which the Church has rejected and condemned.... We have never made common cause with those who have broken the bond of unity.... that we promise as well for the future as for the present, and in all things, to his Holiness the actual Pope Leo XII., and to his successors, fidelity, obedience, and submission, according to the Canons of the Church; and also to accept respectfully, to teach and to maintain, conformably with the same Canons, the decrees and constitutions of the Apostolic See.  (Archbishop Willibrord van Os of Utrecht;  John Bon, Bishop of Haarlem:  and Gisbert de Jong, Bishop of Deventer proclaimed to Nazalli, titular Archbishop of Cyprus and papal nuncio at the Hague in the Autumn of 1823.) 

    This Old Roman Catholic Communion is one in matters of Faith and Morals, de fide, with the Church established by Jesus Christ.  It embraces all such doctrine of the Apostolic See of Rome, and it condemns all heresies and other errors condemned by that same See.  It accepts as Catholics those who share this doctrine and conduct their affairs accordingly. (Constitution of the Old Roman Catholic Church, Article II)

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