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Dearly Beloved in Christ,

 We Catholics have much work to do!  Recent machinations within the elections in our country have made it plain that our nation is rapidly becoming a third world “power,” at best.  I am not referring to candidates – although something could certainly be said about our choices, in many cases!  I am speaking about the extremely low moral ebb to which we have come. 

 Never in the history of our nation have our people descended to such filth and degradation as is shown by our choices in this most recent election.  Our people have apparently boldly stated that we are in favor of wanton abortion at every level of pregnancy.  Human life means NOTHING any more.  We have shown that we favor homosexual “marriage.”  I am NOT gay bashing now.  I AM gay “marriage” bashing, and I shall do that until the day I die.  Of the several homosexuals I deal with on a regular basis, not ONE is in favor of such a patently absurd thing as gay “marriage.”  Indeed, each and every one I know is adamantly opposed to such a thing.

Down the line, we obviously have the matter of freedom of conscience to deal with, especially with regard to Catholic medical institutions.  If all goes as the present immoral regime wishes to dictate, it will not be long before we will have to deal with the issue of forced euthanasia on a regular basis.  (Yes, I might even be a bit touchy on this one myself – after all I am less than three months from becoming an octogenarian!)  The ramifications of all this are so far reaching, that it will not be long before we are not the same nation we were only a couple of administrations past.  So much, so soon, so deadly.

 We Catholics can certainly lay the blame right at the foot of Vatican Council II and especially its aftermath and the “ripple effect” it has had on morals and values throughout the world.  America, in particular, has had a hierarchy, for the most part, of misfits and head-in-the-sand bishops.  Their theology has been non-existent, their values have been questionable at best, their aspirations for the Faith in our land have been seemingly indifferent to Catholicism.  At the eleventh hour and fifty-nine minutes, some attempted to speak like Catholics to denounce certain aspects of the grossly immoral campaigning that had been going on in our country.  They were too late.  The damage was done!  Can that Faith ever really be revived among the Catholic populace that has been so confused, at best – not knowing where to turn for genuine spiritual direction and faith nourishment?  We will see. 

There is a war ahead, my dear Friends in Christ.  It will be bitter.  I doubt that it will be won in my lifetime.  But for some of you it CAN be.  How?  By our being good priests and children of God, by making our personal lives holy, by living what we preach, by being examples to those around us of every persuasion in religion, color, ethnicity, political leaning, and skill.  The time for talk is behind us.  We have work to do.  We must take on the real person of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father Who is in heaven,”  (Matt, 5:16.)  We must live by HIS words, not by the theologian-frauds of our time.  We MUST have adequate prayer lives.  We must!  Some of us might even be called upon to live a kind of “dry” martyrdom – as Saint John did throughout most of his long life.  And, yes, some of us might even have to shed our blood.  We must be brave. We must be strong.  We must be absolutely true to the Faith of our Fathers.  No time for tears, no time for breast beating – only the determination to keep our own faith vital and a shining example to all those around us.  We must pray always. “Change” must begin with us.

 With every good wish and prayerful blessing to you and yours, I am faithfully yours in Christ,

 S/ + John J. Humphreys

 The Most Reverend John J. Humphreys



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