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 Dearly Beloved in Christ,

 Less than one year from today, the American electorate will have sealed the fate of this once-great nation for the following four years.  In the meantime, every responsible Catholic, Jew, and Protestant – and yes, every decent non-believer must seek to see how we can reverse the decadence into which we have fallen.

 The mire in which America now waddles did not start three years ago, although it has certainly been given its greatest thrust since then.  No, it started decades ago, when our sympathies and sensitivities began to be played upon by inept religious leaders, politicians and educators.  It began with disdain for our national heritage – we were too patriotic and wore that patriotism on our sleeves!  It began when the Church started to apologize for her previous insistence that she had the truth and must now develop a more œcumenical attitude toward our separated brethren.  It began in our schools when the dispensers of “knowledge” decided to replace parents as the arbiters of sexual education for their children and to teach those children what they considered to be a sound upbringing for our youth.

 We have become so immersed in the notion of “political correctness” that we, as a nation, have thrown away our sound values in every aspect of our lives.  We have allowed government at every level to suppress our religious liberties for the sake of our not offending others whose religious practices were never even heard of at our nation’s founding.  Indeed, some of our courts actually weigh the legal system of religious bullies, who wish to supplant our legal system with one of their own, a legal system totally at odds with the American way of life.  We have allowed our churches to employ inept and even anti-religious persons, whose only claim to a religious calling appears to be the garb they wear, thereby subverting the very moral fiber of religion itself.  We have allowed teachers and school administrators to ignore essential curricula in order to foster a new order of behavior in our youth, an order that excludes the genuine values of decency and morality once learned at the knees of their parents at home.

 We have about a year to attempt to straighten ourselves out.  We have a year to plague the jokers in Washington and our states’ capitals to mend their ways and to bring this nation back to what our founding fathers intended it to be.  We need to let our leaders know NOW that we do not intend to elect more egomaniacs, more misfits, more moral degenerates, more seekers of self-interests of powers, prestige and perks – say nothing of filling their wallets and purses!  We need people of integrity and honesty, who have an ear for all, but who have true faith in the American way of life

 Surely we do not intend to scuttle 235 years of building the greatest nation the world has even known. Share it indeed – with those who seek our way of life.  But surely we are going to demand once again that those who wish to come to our land are welcome here only if they wish to become Americans, not simply displaced persons from the lands they and their forebears made a mess of for centuries, dragging with them their flags, their laws, their mores and even their language!  Those are not Americans, nor are they potential Americans! 

 There ARE good people out there who want to lift our country out of the chaos and mire into which it has sunk, especially in these last few years.  They need our prayers and our help.  We cannot turn our backs on them.  We must seek them out and help them to again lead our nation to her great glory – a “nation under God.” I repeat the words of Capt. John J. Shea: “Be a good Catholic and you cannot help but be a good American.”   May his words inspire us to seek again what is right and good for our great country.

 With every good wish and prayerful blessing to you and yours, I am faithfully yours in Christ,

 S/ +John J. Humphreys

The Most Reverend John J. Humphreys, Titular Archbishop of Caer-Glow

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